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PHPLinkDirectory Version 2.1.3

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************************ ** BASIC INSTALLATION ** ************************ 1. Upload the files in the archive to your host. 2. Change permissions on the following file and four folders to 777 (writing permissions): - include/config.php - temp/ - temp/adodb - temp/cache - temp/templates If the folders do not exist please create them. 3. Access the installer/updater by trying to go to the directory. It should forward you to , if it doesn't try typing in the URL directly. For example, if you installed the directory in a sub folder of your domain it may look like this: 4. Run through the self explained setup, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions stop by the forum: 5. As a security measure, we recommend you change back permissions to 755 on the file: - include/config.php You can also remove the entire "install" folder. If you want to (re)install/update on a later point, you can upload the folder again.

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